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I can't believe it's been a one year since I had the honor to not only photograph this wedding but to also do hair and make-up for the bride and her bridesmaids.

It's the ultimate sign of trust when I get a bride ask me to coordinate some of the most important services for their big day. In my book, it's one of the highest honors.

I started the day early completing eight services in just under four hours, arriving at 12 to the venue to immediately start photographing the day.

It was there that I met the charming groom as he anxiously awaited his beautiful bride.

The bride and her bridesmaids wanted a fresh look, so I put my focus on the eyes and skin. And yes everyone including grandma got a pair of lashes. Lashes are vital in bringing a look together, especially when you want a clean look; eyelashes will open up your eyes and know years off of you. (Tip: Be sure to get lashes that open not close your eyes. You want to make sure the strips are thin, and lashes are not heavy.)

For Brooke's hair, we wanted a vintage look. As you can see, we had the volume at the top of the crown, which added drama and made her profile so stunning. I did have to add some filler hair to help hold the shape of the style since she had heavy hair.

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This half up and half down was perfect for this event and even held the weight of a long cathedral veil and the long night of dancing plus the Florida humidity. Also, we did add a few hair picks to the hair for added flair.

If you are still looking for a artist whether you are needing hair, make-up or photography. I would love to work with you!- Jessica

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Say "No" to summer sunburned skin // Jessica Salort Make-Up Artist

Here on the Gulf Coast, we are known for our beautiful white sands and blue waters. We enjoy splashing around in the salty seas and often forget to re-apply sunscreen.

The problem here is that you will burn quicker here than at most places because our sand is so reflective of the sun. I urge you all to please cover up and use your sunblock as directed.

I get clients come in all week long with dehydrated skin that has been burned from the Florida sun. Sometimes it works out and I can fix it for their events butother times I am unable to.

This client in particular had a serious sunburn and luckily I was able to conceal it with a heavy make-up application. Her son was getting married this day and she spent way too much time outside without realizing the power of the sun.

There is not a secret to get rid of sunburned skin especially fresh burns. So again if you have an event you are excited about please pay careful attention to your application times.

I usually have multiple little alarms set on my phone to remind me to re-apply, and I always keep my beach hat in my car. I also recommend getting maybe a swim shirt to avoid those pesky tan lines, especially if you are worried about that with your event outfit. - Jessica

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Maternity Session Hair and Make-Up plus Photography // Glamorous By Jessica // Jessica Salort Photography

Let me help you get your beauty needs met all in one stop. I specialize in all things beauty.

I was blessed with the opportunity to Glam up Jana for her maternity portraits.

I am including the blog post below from when I first posted this session on my Photography website.

Jana and Jared are having a baby! YES!!! You heard that right! Where to begin....... Oh did I mention Jana and Jared are having a BABY! Ok I guess you get the point now right!

Excuse my excitement but this is big. Jana and Jared's relationship was a whirlwind from the start. Soon after they started their relationship they happily jumped into marriage. Soon after Facebook announced their little one's arrival!

I hoped that in time Jana would call me up to help her with her maternity photography. And my patience worked because she did call and we scheduled her session right away.

By the time we scheduled her maternity session she was a healthy 37 weeks pregnant. I thought she absolutely glowed from the beautiful baby that was growing inside of her.

When deciding location for this shoot we were trying to figure out what place in our local area would fit her specific needs. We settled with Soundside Nature Preserve in Gulf Breeze. This location has woods, small pond, a patch of flowers and a gorgeous bay view. I really like this location because there are many spots along the trail that give you many beautiful backdrops.

I had the pleasure to glam up Jana by doing her hair and make-up. She chose a dark green dress with floral accents. Jared kept his outfit simple with a button up shirt and khakis.

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Real Weddings: September 2019 // Bridal Make-Up // Glamorous By Jessica Salort

I want to start showcasing some of my looks from my bridal groups. Each wedding is so different and I look forward to seeing how their personal style comes through when they choose their make-up and hair looks.

This group wanted clean and natural make-up. Each lady also chose to wear strip eyelashes to complete the look. Each make-up service took a minimum of 30-45 mins from start to completion.

Also one of these ladies photographed below had a very severe sunburn on her nose. Try to guess which one it was. I was happy that I was able to conceal it so she was wedding ready.

If you are looking for a artist for your special day, I would love to talk to you!- Jessica

Jessica Salort MUA
Jessica Salort MUA


Jessica Salort MUA
Jessica Salort MUA
Jessica Salort MUA
Jessica Salort MUA
Jessica Salort MUA
Jessica Salort MUA

Sultry Summer Look // Jessica Salort Bridal Make-Up Artist- Hairstylist // Okaloosa Island

When it comes to your bridal make-up and hair, you should choose something that represents your personal style. This bride, in particular, chose a soft sultry look that complimented her caramel skin and dark hair.

When going dark around the eyes, especially for a daytime look, the key for me is less is more. You can see in the photo that she does not have heavy eyeliner on her lower lash line. By avoiding the dark liner, we have opened her eyes up and allowed light to come in. Her face looks fresh.

Also to add I am big on glowy skin. I made sure to contour her face in way that brought out her delicate features. I preferred to use more of a bronzy look for this particular client.

I also love how she wasn't afraid to play and go bold on her lips versus the traditional natural lip color more brides choose.

As far as hair styling goes, we could have gone a hundred different ways since she had gorgeous thick hair. I usually ask my clients if they would like to wear their hair down to at least put it half back to minimize the flyaways during the ceremony.

I do like the softness of the bangs around her face, but I did worry how it would hold up on the beach. It's windy out here and humid two things that are not good for hair.

I am now taking on summer 2020 bookings, contact me today. - Jessica


Hair, Make-Up Plus Photography // Professional Headshots // Jessica Salort Photography

One of my premier services is offering Headshots with all of my services which include Hair, Make-Up plus Photography. I like to be a one stop shop for all of of my clients needing this type of service.

These sessions take about 2-3 hours which incude prep time for the hair and make-up portion plus the travel to the photo spot. Photos themselves take about 15-20 mins.

This Glam session is great for someone needing updated headshots or needing a new profile photo for social media or just because.

I typically do these during the mornings on weekdays.

If you are interested in possibly getting Headshots, please contact me below. I also included a link to my photography website.

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"The World is a Rainbow...." // Jessica Salort Make-Up Artist

As a professional, it breaks my heart each time I have a lady sit in my chair, and the first thing that comes out of her mouth is "Don't worry I have brought my foundation." Sadly this is not an uncommon phrase I hear repeated by women of color or of Latino descent.

I want you to know, it angers me. It's personal. And you will never have to ask such questions when you sit in my chair. I don't work like that.

I have worked very hard to make sure every person is included in my world.

My kit is stocked with foundation to match any woman or man in the global color range. This is very important to me as a artist and human.

Beauty is found in all of us.

I often tell my clients the "world is a rainbow" and I believe every person I have been lucky enough to work with completes that gorgeous vivid light.

The only question I ever want you to ask me is if you should get bolder lashes because babe why the hell not! - Jessica

BTW, Check out this gorgeous Bride who shined as bright as the summer sun!

Navarre Beach Wedding Make-Up
Navarre Beach Wedding Make-Up
Navarre Beach Wedding Make-Up

Bridal Hair Transformations // Navarre Beach Hairstylist Jessica Salort

One of my absolute favorite things in the world is a great Before and After of my brides. I typically don't do make-up Before and Afters but I am always down for a good hair transformation because why the heck not!

So this is Jacky. She searched high and low for an entire year for the perfect hairstylist. She had multiple trial runs with various hairstylists desperate to get her dream look. Sadly, after all her trials she was left thinking it was just not in her cards to have the Pinterest worthy hair of her dreams.

It was a former client who told her that she should contact me and I could possibly help her. She messaged me that day. She sent tons of photos. I figured out right away from our conversations that she was unable to get her dream hairstyle because her hair was not thick enough. I urged her to purchase clip in hair extensions right away.

Upon meeting Jacky for our trial and finally touching her hair in person,I confirmed it once again. I put in filler hair plus the two sets of hair extensions and boom it started shaping up real smoothly.

This bride was thrilled knowing it was happening. She found her GlamMother. I would help her achieve her beauty goals.

We ended up using two bags of filler hair, two sets of wavy artificial hair extensions and one set of human hair clip in hair extensions.

This look took about 45 minutes to complete.

As a bridal artist, I always try to come up with unique ways to help you get your hair needs met without breaking the bank. Sometimes it is necessary to purchase human hair and others not. I want to help you make the best decisions that are right for you.

If you are looking for a wedding hairstylist or make-up artist, please consider using my services.- Jessica

Jessica Salort, Wedding Hair Stylist
Jessica Salort, Wedding Hairstylist
Jessica Salort Make-Up Artist

Details Matter // Navarre Beach Make-Up Artist // Jessica Salort

Details matter, friends! Seriously! Want to be picture perfect especially if you are getting married, right? I am careful to make sure I pay attention to your specific needs.

I ask a ton of questions; some seem dumb, some seem basic. I might also ask for photos or not. I think ahead for you. I think about things you didn't even know you wanted.

So whether you are close up or far away, I am going to make sure I get it right.

One of my favorite lines probably is "Do you feel like money?" if you do then I have done my job but if you don't then I will stay longer and put in the work until you are happy.

My clients call me GlamMother and I want to make your beauty dreams come true! - Jessica

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Welcome Friends! // Navarre Beach, FL // Wedding Artist

Hello Friends and a HUGE THANK YOU for stopping by my new updated website! It's great to have you here.

For those of you newly engaged and looking for a bridal artist I am sending a you a very warm welcome! My name is Jessica and I am your local GlamMother! I specialize in all things beauty.

I have lived in this area since 2006 and since then I have met hundreds of brides who have allowed me to share their day with them. It's an incredible honor to be a GlamMother. A honor I take very seriously. So what exactly is a GlamMother? It's like a Fairy God Mother but for Beauty. It's what my clients affectionately call me.

I call Navarre my home and service all areas right outside of it to include Destin - Pensacola. If you have yet to visit Navarre I suggest you give it try we are a gorgeous sleepy little town. A perfect get away spot for those looking for ultimate relaxation.

When I am not Glaming up the world I am spending time with my family which includes my husband and 4 kids. My oldest son and husband are in the Air Force. I also have the sweetest little dog named Rocket.

You might recognize my name if you are a local since I am also an established Family and Event Photographer. My sessions mostly take place on our gorgeous beaches all year long.

My style can be described as timeless and modern. I want you to feel beautiful by enhancing the beautiful features you were born with. I believe real women have pores and it's ok. I won't throw on a every product on your face because you "need" it. I want to show you the beauty that the world sees.

As a beauty expert I make myself available to answer your questions or concerns. I value all your feedback and truly listen to your bridal wishes. I want to make sure you get the best service.

If you are looking about hiring someone with my skills. I encourage you look no further and give me a call. - Jessica

Navarre Beach Make-Up Artist and Hair Stylist