Say "No" to summer sunburned skin // Jessica Salort Make-Up Artist

Here on the Gulf Coast, we are known for our beautiful white sands and blue waters. We enjoy splashing around in the salty seas and often forget to re-apply sunscreen.

The problem here is that you will burn quicker here than at most places because our sand is so reflective of the sun. I urge you all to please cover up and use your sunblock as directed.

I get clients come in all week long with dehydrated skin that has been burned from the Florida sun. Sometimes it works out and I can fix it for their events butother times I am unable to.

This client in particular had a serious sunburn and luckily I was able to conceal it with a heavy make-up application. Her son was getting married this day and she spent way too much time outside without realizing the power of the sun.

There is not a secret to get rid of sunburned skin especially fresh burns. So again if you have an event you are excited about please pay careful attention to your application times.

I usually have multiple little alarms set on my phone to remind me to re-apply, and I always keep my beach hat in my car. I also recommend getting maybe a swim shirt to avoid those pesky tan lines, especially if you are worried about that with your event outfit. - Jessica

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